Creatives and Design Sprints: a match made in post-it heaven

Due to COVID-19 only digital post-its used this time

Monday: Mapping (the brief)

On day one you get to play strategist. You set goals, identify barriers to success and explore customer segments. You’ll also interview experts to get insights. At the end of the day your brief is written and you’ve created your first pile of post-its.

Tuesday: Sketch (brainstorm)

Just like when you’re doing internet research, day two kicks-off by sharing work you admire. The arvo is spent sketching ideas for the challenges identified on Monday. It’s just like when you’re brainstorming so it will come naturally.

Wednesday: Decide (creative review + refine)

Day three also felt familiar. It’s like when you have that first catch up with your Creative Director with all the ideas stuck up on the wall. In this case, everyone gets a vote. By the end of the day, you’ll have a solid idea to prototype.

Thursday: Prototype (make stuff)

Day four is exactly like the day before a pitch. You have a long list of things to smash out and time is not on your side. But if everyone digs in and you don’t overstretch yourself, you’ll have a bunch of work to show potential customers the next day.

Friday: Test (also test)

I missed the era of testing work in front of real people so I was looking forward to day five. Potential customers looked at the work we’d done and gave real-time feedback on what they thought. It was a fascinating learning experience and an excellent end to the week.



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