Lost Themes, Summer and iOS Notes

We have so much, but a future is not a given. image: Delfin Delfondo
  • Use less and better energy, consume more wisely and travel less and more efficiently. We’re staring down a 4–6 degrees temperature rise in our and the next generation’s lives if we don’t halve our carbon emissions quickly. That’s the end of life as we know it today, and possibly us.
  • Deploy our infinite curiosity and optimism to opportunities in sectors, cities and States that cause the most harm to people, systems and our future. The trade-offs aren’t working but, for many, we don’t live long enough to realise (or care). But talk to someone with an open heart twenty five years your junior and see how they feel about it.
  • Take our chance at every election, summit, white paper, new board, pivot or hire to channel honest reflection and consultation into action for people and planet. Ideas and words are just the start.




Big ideas for the people and brands the planet needs

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All or Nothing

All or Nothing

Big ideas for the people and brands the planet needs

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