What A Mess!

All or Nothing
2 min readAug 31, 2021


Written by Warren Davies, Managing Director, All or Nothing

What A Mess cover illustration

In the Summer of 2019/20 the air in South-Eastern Australia was so thick with smoke from bushfires we were advised to not go outside by The BOM and others. Sometimes for a week or more.

If you weren’t running for your lives from the flames or counting your dead stock you were inside working from home with the uneasy awareness that home is no shelter from what’s coming.

On the TV our Prime Minister pumped the hands of anyone in fire-ravaged locales who couldn’t sidestep him or mumbled something about the cricket as he stirred a curry.

Fortunately there are people with a spine, ideas about our future and a respect for science. We’ve been inspired by them again in the past year and in better articulating the work we’ll be doing (and not doing) at All or Nothing we’ve ended up with a kids book!

When the going get’s tough… the creatives get out their sharpies?

What A Mess spread about protests and climate action

What A Mess, written by All or Nothing in collaboration with UK illustrator Liberty Ewan, speaks directly to kids but could also inspire some adults to re-evaluate their own opportunities to address the climate emergency at home, in their community or further afield.

It’s hard to acknowledge that the science is true and to take it personally. But once you do and begin to act on it there’s a relief. It’s up to all of us after all — not some bozo in Canberra.

So let’s get to it.

If you’d like a copy to read to your kids or fill a little stocking this Christmas we’d love to send you one.

Email hey@allornothing.co — we’d be keen to hear from you.